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Gallery222: The Day I Went Home

A photography exhibition by Douglas Shindler, Michael Davis, and Tyler Sanford.  A collection of photography that emphasizes the space, people, and feelings of our home in Sullivan County, NY. June 2 – July 31, open during Gallery222 hours. 


Through geographic, cultural, political, and intimate investigations that examine white feminism and white supremacy as a history with a continuous, harmful present, Stephanie Land’s exhibition Negatives Preserved, examines how the artist’s own histories intersect with America’s racial histories to determine relationships to land, gender, queerness, family, resource-sharing, and safety. Through mixed media that weaves together […]


In 2014, the artist Elizabeth Swados approached photographer Van Ouwerkerk about doing a book. As a composer, author and director, Elizabeth had been producing work successfully for many years, from Broadway to La Mama and The Public Theatre, along with authoring many books. They set out to create a story about the life and process […]

THE RIVER by Noah Kalina

Noah Kalina is a photographer and artist based in Lumberland, NY. Noah’s work has been widely exhibited nationally and internationally. His ongoing project “Everyday”, which is a series of daily self portraits, has been parodied by The Simpsons and Family guy. Everyday has been cited as being one of the main influences behind “selfie” culture. Noah Kalina also works as a commercial photographer and has been commissioned by Google, Disney, Gucci, General Electric and David Webb. Noah was the primary photographer for the original Cabin Porn book and has published two other books, Bedmounds and Tiny Flock.

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