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Katie Rose McLaughlin/Designated Movement Company JEST

JEST is an exploration of contemporary femininity, depression, moon cycles, overwhelming sense of impending doom, ritual and witchiness, the color blue, walking bass lines, uncomfortability, snow, and isolation. It’s deeply personal to Director & Choreographer Katie Rose McLaughlin — part her coming out story, part her struggles with an invisible disability, and part exploration of […]

DOUBLE FEATURE at NACL: Title:Point and thingNY – New Works In Progress

Title:Point is a darkly absurd performance company that has been creating and producing new plays since 2006. They have created works to be presented in/for The Ontological/Incubator Arts, The Brick, Target Margin, Silent Barn, Vital Joint, Dixon Place, Pilot Balloon, Panoply Performance Lab, the basement of The Drama Book Shop, The Parlour, Little Theater, CATCH, Sintesi/Dogpile, […]

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