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Art in Bloom | Pop-up Floral Exhibition

Aug 18, 2023 - Aug 20, 2023

Art in Bloom – Annual Floral Pop-Up Exhibition

August 18th – 20th

Experience the beauty that blooms when art and nature intertwine at the “Art in Bloom” Annual Floral Pop-Up Exhibition. A cherished tradition presented by DVAA and curated by Jane Luchsinger, this event celebrates the timeless connection between artistic expression and the magic of live floral arrangements.

  • Opening Reception: Friday, August 18th, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM. Discover the enchanting fusion of local artists’ work and the creativity of floral designers.

Featured Artists:

  • Mary Ardan
  • Kayleen Berry
  • Theresa DeSalvio
  • Jane McNulty
  • Matt Nolen
  • Robyn Oakes
  • Allan Rubin
  • Candy Spilner
  • Robin Jane Solvang

Floral Designers:

  • Katie Carpenter
  • Juliet Dunn
  • Kathy Lawless
  • Leslie LeFranc
  • Claudine Luchsinger
  • Donna Marchesin
  • Alison Peck
  • Peggy Simons


Event Details:

  • Date and Time: August 18th (6:00 PM – 8:00 PM), August 19th (11:00 AM – 4:00 PM), August 20th (12:00 PM – 4:00 PM)

  • Location: Krause Hall, 2nd Floor, DVAA

Immerse yourself in the annual tradition of “Art in Bloom,” where artistic vision and the wonders of nature come together. Whether you attend the opening or explore at your own pace over the weekend, this exhibition promises to inspire and offer a tranquil space to appreciate the beauty of art and the natural world.

  • Date: Aug 18, 2023 - Aug 20, 2023
  • Location:Krause Hall
  • Curators:Jane Luchsinger

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