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The past year has taught us to expect the unexpected. In nearly every facet of our lives, we have been given the opportunity to see and experience things differently.

DVAA has been our region’s source for the unexpected in the arts for 45 years.
We do that in our galleries, on our stages, on our balcony, on the back lot, online, and throughout our region. We give voice to new, unrealized, and unheard – the unexpected voices.

This year the unexpected filled Main Street with uplifting musical notes through string musicians playing unannounced on our balcony. The unexpected was a full company of dancers performing on our backlot under a refreshing late spring shower. The unexpected transformed our galleries time after time into immersive environments that brought visitors into the compelling visions of artists in our community. All of this was done amidst the ever-shifting pressures these times bring into our lives.

Next year will be no less exciting at DVAA. Along with our year-long exhibition calendar, upcoming Salon Series, our return to presenting live performances in the Tusten Theatre, producing Riverfest and the Big Eddy Film Festival, and providing resources for artists and arts organizations we have two exciting new endeavors launching in 2022. Plans are underway for both the Sullivan County Artists Studio Tour, which will spotlight how many amazing artists are in our county, and The Landscape, a twice-annual publication that will feature conversations on and through the arts in our region!

So please join us in fueling all that is possible at DVAA with an end-of-year contribution.
To help meet our goal of $25,000, we have already received a generous gift of $10,000. With your support we can raise the other $15,000 – help us make our goal by December 31st!

Your past support is directly responsible for all that we have achieved.
Your support today will ensure that the creativity DVAA provides in the future will be strong and growing amidst these difficult times!

Many thanks in advance and a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season to you and yours!

On behalf of all of us at DVAA,

Ariel Shanberg,
Executive Director

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