Dream on the Farm “The Scientists”

This is a FREE event! Your Gracious Donations benefit The Greenhouse Project’s Public Programs.

2:00 pm:
Select your seating area, refreshments available, watch seed planting demo and get take-home soil & seeds.

3:00 pm:
Performance begins. Enjoy a Meet The Cast time afterward.

The Scientists is Farm Arts Collective’s touring performance. Featured in The New York Times, it is play #2 in the company’s decade-long series of climate change plays called DREAM ON THE FARM taking place from 2020-2030.

Directed by Tannis Kowalchuk, the play follows the journey of two deceased American scientists, Carl Sagan (astronomer) and Lynn Margulis (microbiologist) who are reunited in a boxing ring and challenged to compete to “help save life on the planet.” The scientists embark on a competitive fact-finding journey meeting a host of characters along the way.

This fun, all-ages performance incorporates live music, real science, stilt walking to imaginatively explore the world of climate change through two lenses — the microscope and the telescope. Seen at ARTPARK in Lewiston, NY, the Scranton Cultural Center, and Unison Arts in New Paltz, NY.

CREDITS–Director Tannis Kowalchuk, dramaturg and co-director Mimi McGurl, music by Rima Fand, Doug Rogers, Melissa Bell, Annie Hat. Performances by Pam Arnold, Melissa Bell, Jess Beveridge, Michael Chojnicki, Gregg Erickson, Hudson Williams-Eynon, Ginny Hack, Annie Hat, Tannis Kowalchuk, John Roth. Costumes by Sue Currier.

Supported by Lackawanna County Department of Arts and Culture