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Laurie A. Guzda

Laurie A. Guzda is a mixed media artist, photographer, and writer who resides in the northeast Pocono Mountains. As a storyteller working in a variety of mediums, Guzda has a particular passion for using found objects.

This episode features mixed media artist Laurie A. Guzda working from her studio in Hawley, PA.  

Celebrating the power of the Mother Goddess from whom everything in creation pours out, the series is a blend of Mixed Media expressing the ‘Divine Feminine’.

In her series “Forest Driftwood Talking Sticks”, which ranges from wall hangings, to standing sculptures – Guzda’s pieces combine natural items from the woods mixed with repurposed fabric, clay and found objects.

“As a storyteller, my favorite form for creating art is mixed media. It is irresistible to me to find an object and build a story around it. That’s been the source of my art in recent years. And often, I try to include humor.” — Laurie A. Guzda.

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