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Apr 05 2024


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Transforma Theatre AI Hallucinations

NACL residency artists Transforma Theatre will present excerpts from their work-in-progress called AI HallucinationsAI Hallucinations is a sequel to last year’s BIOADAPTED, which Transforma workshopped at NACL and subsequently premiered at Culture Lab LIC in NYC. The New York Times review noted: “[Transforma Director] Tjasa Ferme’s sleekly designed, thoughtfully assembled “Bioadapted,” constructed from documentary and dramatic text, may get you thinking concretely about the ways A.I. can warp our perception of reality, surveil our very interiors, take what belongs to us.”

AI Hallucinations is a response to recent anecdotes in the news. Two days after Valentine’s Day in 2023, The New York Times published an article, a transcript of a conversation between The Times’ AI and Tech reporter, Kevin Roose, and Microsoft’s Bing chatbot (the precursor of what is currently called Copilot). The conversation was entitled “I want to be alive,” followed by a devil emoji. In the article Bing threatened Kevin, his marriage, and claimed that they were meant to be together. Following this incident another researcher, Seth Lazar, managed to provoke Bing into threatening his reputation, his friends, and his life, saying that it could kill him and hide the evidence.

These episodes are cases of what is called “AI hallucination.” What kind of actual real-life implications this could pose for humans, we have yet to unveil. What are the risks should such hallucinations occur in medical diagnoses, emergency responses, or legal counsel? These are some of the questions driving Transforma’s explorations in their show under development, AI Hallucinations — part documentary, including actual transcripts, and part fiction developed in the course of their research.

The goal of the company’s current work is to investigate, interrogate, and educate, all while delivering a unique, interactive, science-enhanced experience. AI regulation and its implementation in government systems concerns all of us, and through Transforma’s process of blending art and science, they make these issues “digestible,” empowering audiences to become active decision-makers and alert citizens protecting their own agency and human sovereignty.

AI Hallucinations brings the next chapter of the company’s investigative docu-drama to the stage. On Friday April 5th join Transforma Theatre for a presentation of excerpts from their work-in-progress, followed by light refreshment and lively conversation.


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