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Apr 08 2024


8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Performance at Lincoln Center

The Sullivan County Community Chorus has been invited to perform Dan Forrest’s “Creation” at Lincoln Center. 

Dan Forrest unfolds a spectacularly sweeping score in CREATION, his newest and most expansive work to date. Written on the 225th anniversary of Haydn’s similarly-themed masterpiece, this 72-minute oratorio explores the wonders of our planet through a dazzling variety of musical expressions for chorus, orchestra, and soprano and baritone soloists.

Dr. Forrest writes, “…It seems like there’s only one great Creation oratorio, and it’s from the 18th century. It’s terrifying and presumptuous to say ‘I want to write a 21st century version alongside Haydn’s’; but I wanted to capture the beauty of life on this planet, and the wonder of its origin, in my own musical language. In a sense, it’s a score to my own mental Planet Earth film – of beauty that I’ve encountered both at home and in my travels abroad. I hope this work overwhelms its listener with the wonder and joy that still shines through in our world.”


10 Lincoln Center, NY 10023


Sullivan County Community Chorus

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