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Aug 06 2022


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm



Opening Reception for Katie Coughlin and Colleen O’Hara

Opening Reception at the DVAA Alliance Gallery for Katie Coughlin and Colleen O’Hara.

KATIE COUGHLIN | Watch the Curve

Coughlin investigates the notions of home, vessel, body, and clothing through the manipulation of space and material. Although clay is most often the place where Coughlin begins her work, she uses other mediums, specifically cloth and wood, to expand her sculptures. These material-collaborative apparatuses allow her to incorporate the human body, placing her work between object, sculpture, and performance.

COLLEEN O’ HARA | Shifts in Space

O’Hara creates imaginary landscapes inspired by her interactions with real physical space. This body of work is rooted in an exploration of the material nature of paint. Paint contains a vast amount of potential and unpredictability. Working in a space between control and freedom, she responds to the materiality of paint, allowing her the opportunity to investigate the physical world.  Brush marks, drips, and splatters become a documentation of her existence and engagement in the world.  The act of making, doing, and experiencing is what gives us information about our surroundings.


37 Main Street, Narrowsburg, New York



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