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Jan 13 2024


11:00 am - 5:00 pm

New work by Christina Day, Gina Snow Magid and Raphaele Shirley at Catskill Art Space

Livingston Manor, NY – Catskill Art Space is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work from Christina DayGina Snow Magid and Raphaele Shirley. The exhibition will be on view in the ground floor galleries of Catskill Art Space, 48 Main Street, Livingston Manor, NY, from January 13 through February 24, 2024. Exhibition hours are Friday and Saturday, 11am – 5pm, and Sunday 11am – 3pm.

Christina P. Day has created a site-specific room within the gallery, offering visitors a voyeuristic glance into a created interior domestic space. Each view offers a specific sightline wide enough only for one viewer. After visiting a deceased neighbor’s estate sale, the artist was taken with the accumulation of things one amasses in their lifetime. Some pieces of significance, and often, much of it inconsequential, Day handles found materials in a way that enhances meaning of the objects, then and today. The constellation of objects and found effects within Depth Cue are keepers of time and place—the  dents, scars, and physicality of prior owners speak to the mirrors that of the owner’s lived experience. Depth Cue is named for the way the human visual system determines distances between objects, the installation is a measure of place and person relative to time. Through the sleek and reductive construction lies a metaphor for remembering, or rather, not-forgetting.

Gina Snow Magid’s work expresses the non-verbal, seemingly illogical undercurrent, which connects all things. The artist’s visual language mirrors the friction between the natural or instinctual world and our conditioning. Her paintings engage the viewer with universal aspects of the human condition, putting an emphasis on the feminine, or anima, apotheosis of the psyche. In effect, the paintings induce the feeling one has right before woken up or falling asleep, embracing the liminal space which exists between two worlds: conscious/subconscious, chaos/structure, creation/destruction, beauty/horror, desire/repulsion, present/past and possibly future. The liminality of this tension brings with it heightened awareness, and allows Magid to unite them in a seamless, sensuous reality, capable of resonating meaning on varied levels of perception.

Raphaele Shirley explores representation of the universe through diverse mediums including and not limited to neon, sculpture and performance. Taking a Ptolmaic perspective with a circle with the earth at the center and the world revolving around, this investigation has generated two- or three-dimensional light sculptures, into time-based installations and live performances. Fusing minimalist aesthetics with the power of technology, the works questions space and scale, time, past and future, engaging themes of dystopia, utopia, and the problematic of hope facing the human experience. Drawing from elements of civilization (architecture, science and art history) as well as from natural phenomena (wind, water and light) Shirley undertakes a portrait of the possible, of parallel universes and transient states.


48 Main Street Livingston Manor, NY 12758
Catskill Art Space


Sullivan County Arts & Heritage Regrant Recipient
Catskill Art Space


Catskill Art Space

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