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Live Loop Painting – Seth Faergolzia    

Saturday, March 9, 2024

See the music and hear the colors as DVAA hosts Seth Faergolzia and a mind-bending afternoon in Krause Recital Hall. On Saturday, March 9th, at 2 PM, the freak-folk, avant-rock innovator, will perform a live loop painting, combining improvised sounds and live abstract painting.

This third installment of DVAA’s 2024 Salon Series is guaranteed to be a unique art happening that will excite audiences of all ages!

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Faergolzia layers improvised vocals, looping and treating them with the precision of a DJ, all while crafting a live painting. It’s a multitasking masterpiece, akin to an octopus employing its many arms to create art. Engaging in multiple artistic tasks, Faergolzia believes, ushers in the dream state as the conscious mind takes a backseat. 

Ever since his days as the mastermind behind critically acclaimed avant-boho outfit Dufus — whose landmark 2003 album was described as “the kind of record that could potentially change a listener’s life” — Seth Faergolzia has blazed colorful trails into modes of expression we couldn’t have foreseen even when Dufus were being hailed as “freak folk” innovators.

Now, whether leading his current ensemble, Multibird, or taking the stage as a one-man tornado of sound, Faergolzia continues to shake musical conventions until they froth over and explode.

When Faergolzia first emerged out of lower Manhattan at the turn of the millennium, he cut a Wonka-esque figure as a trailblazer committed to pursuing his muse on the fringe of the fringes, quickly distinguishing himself as a flamboyant visionary with a penchant for bending minds. Naturally, the surface absurdism of his output drew comparisons to like-minded iconoclasts like Captain Beefheart, Zappa, Ween, and Mr. Bungle.

“Fiber art going punk.” – New York Times

“… frantic fever-dream folk slashed through with rock stabs.” – The Onion

“I have never heard anything like this before or since.” – Pop Matters

With a body of work that exceeds 20 albums and appearances in over 20 countries with the likes of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Animal Collective, Dufus alum Regina Spektor, Jeffrey Lewis, The Moldy Peaches, etc. Onstage, he remains as boisterous as ever, his booming voice and equilibristic phrasing at the center of a whirring kaleidoscope of sound.

The Rochester-based musician and artist, comes to Narrowsburg fresh off an appearance with Pinc Louds at Rubulad in Bushwick, Brooklyn. But where his music was once celebrated as a vibrant example of what happens when a musician turns a genre like folk upside down and inside out, over time Faergolzia has come to represent something of a genre unto himself.

  • Organizer Name: DVAA
    • Type: Salon Series
    • Time: March 9, 2024 - 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    • Venue:Krause Recital Hall, 37 Main Street, Narrowsburg, NY

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