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Abigail Allen

Individual Artist Fellowship in Poetry

Abigail Allen is a writer living in Glen Spey, NY. A graduate from Miami University in Creative Writing, she’s had over ten poems and short stories published in magazines such as The Gateway Review, Inklings, Gandy Dancer, and others.

In 2016 she received the Mathom Fiction Writing Award from SUNY Oswego for her short story, “Paper Zoo.” She loves doing or talking about anything that interests her––from mountain biking to couture fashion to classic films or discussing anything by Tolkien or C.S. Lewis. Her writing goals include publishing a poetry chapbook, a middle-grade novel, and more.

“and we as babes chose the lesser meal; we were beasts

feasting and we turned to the milk of the earth instead
of the fruit of the sky; i fell from the planets above
i fell into ocean and the depths became thirst

i am different now too; too of the earth
of the red sun

and all of life i stare up at the clouds and remember
when the night-forest ran reckless with me.”

From The Reckoning, Abigail Allen 

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