Poster Auction

The Riverfest Poster Auction, the centerpiece of the day’s events, takes place at 1 pm on the main stage. It has become a “can’t miss” tradition and community favorite.

Over 40 original, one-of-a-kind posters created by local artists, will be sold in a live public auction to the highest bidder. Proceeds support DVAA’s programs in the visual arts and participating artists.

Artworks will be on display in DVAA’s gallery window and viewable online where, not only will you be able to preview the works, but you can place bids on pieces in advance of the live sale!

Email us at

2021 Participating Artists

Robyn Almquist
Linda Bastian
Donald Belsito
Bob Carl
Barbara Carpenito
Ellen Cibula
Tamara D’Antoni
Kaitlyn Danielson
Dale Emmart
Elizabeth Ennis
James Gann
Hester Greene
Erica Hart
Eileen Curtis Israel
Phil Jacobi
Philip Jostrom

William Landau
Nathaniel Lieb
Glenn Lieberman
Amanda McCormick
Lee McElfresh
Jane McNulty
Buff McAllister
Brandi Merolla
Jane Morris
Rocky Pinciotti
Paul Plumadore
R. Scott Porter
Cindy Schecter
Benjamin Seaman
Johan Sellenraad
David B. Soete

Robin Jane Solvang
B.S.G. (Jeff Spitz)
Norm Starr
Rosie Starr
Laurie Stuart
Dave Tinsley
Gail Tuchman
Diane Van Cort
Terry Walsh
Jude Waterston
Nancy Wells
Rodney White
Dorian Yurchuk
Irenaeus Yurchuk

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