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Mini Grants | Community Arts

The Mini Grants are an extension of the Arts for Sullivan Grant Cycle.

For 2024, we are offering four $500 grants, limited to one request, available for first-time applicants, with ongoing programs.

The goals of the Mini Grants is to:

  • Help target existing cultural projects that have not previously received funding to encourage and foster a relationship between the Arts for Sullivan program and untapped communities in Sullivan County.
  • Simplified application
  • One per applicant
  • This is a rolling application. Applications will be considered until available funds are exhausted.


Questions? Contact DVAA’s Grants Manager


Ready to Apply?

2024 Mini Grants Guidelines



We are always here to help with grant applications.

About Arts for Sullivan

In accordance with its mandate from the State Legislature to encourage participation in the grants decision-making process at the county and regional level, the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) inaugurated the Statewide Community Regrant (SCR) Program (formerly known as Decentralization) in 1977 for the redistribution of public funds. This program enables selected local arts councils, county governments, or regional advisory boards to regrant state funds for arts events and cultural development within their communities.

Since 1984, Delaware Valley Arts Alliance (DVAA) has worked with NYSCA as the SCR Program site in Sullivan County, for the purpose of administering Arts for Sullivan funding for artists, art organizations, cultural and heritage groups. The Arts for Sullivan SCR Program is largely credited for establishing Sullivan County’s cultural life as we know it today––relevant, vibrant and healthy.

Goals & Purpose of the Program

  • Support artists in the creation of new work, and enhance artistic visibility and impact.
  • Support non-profit cultural groups in providing year-round, quality programming in all areas of the county.
  • Create opportunities for underserved artists and communities.
  • Promote communication and understanding between the different facets of the Sullivan County residents.
  • Support the arts that encourage multi-disciplinary expression and collaboration.

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