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Jaya Duvvuri | Rough Metaphors

Feb 10, 2024 - Mar 17, 2024

Join us on Sunday, March 17th from 2 – 4 pm for a second Sumi-e Workshop and demonstration with Jaya Duvvuri. Space is limited, advance registration required. 

Workshop price: $25 ($20 DVAA Members)


Jaya Duvvuri delves into the intersection of nature and the material world, exploring their impact on psychological space. Trained in traditional Sumi-e painting, Jaya employs Sumi ink on rice paper, using the Japanese Notan technique to compose monochromatic abstractions. The meditative practice of Sumi-e allows her to investigate emotional clarity through deliberate strokes and overall composition, revealing the interiority of the artist.

Duvvuri, a Jersey City resident with roots in Southern India, finds her artistic voice in the memories, history, mythology, and literature of her homeland. Traditionally trained in Sumi-e painting, her abstract works reflect a fusion of cultural influences. Beyond Sumi ink on rice paper, Duvvuri explores acrylics and woodcut prints, expanding the boundaries of her artistic expression. With a decade-long apprenticeship under Sumi-e master artist Koho Yamamoto in New York City, Duvvuri’s art embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary vision.

  • Date: Feb 10, 2024 - Mar 17, 2024
  • Location:Alliance Gallery
  • Curators:DVAA

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