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Catherine Chesters | Beauty in Breakdown

May 04, 2024 - Jun 09, 2024

Join us for an opening reception on Saturday, May 4th from 5-7 PM.

Catherine Chesters will give an artist talk on Saturday, May 11th.

Beauty in Breakdown explores the intricate relationship between beauty and the breakdown of conventional forms. Through mixed media artworks, viewers are invited to contemplate the profound beauty that emerges from fragmentation and disarray.

Catherine Chesters’ creative process is deeply influenced by the natural world, drawing inspiration from the discarded elements found in everyday life, whether natural or unnatural. These elements serve as tangible reminders of the interconnectedness of all things. Much like the mycorrhizal networks that weave through the forest floor, connecting trees in a symbiotic relationship, these discarded fragments reflect the unseen bonds that unite us all.

One recurring motif is the mirroring of the mushroom shape, a symbol of both decay and regeneration. Through this imagery, Chesters acknowledges the inherent cycles of life and death, decay and renewal. It is within these cycles that true beauty is revealed, as old forms give way to new beginnings.

Beauty in Breakdown challenges traditional notions of perfection, inviting viewers to embrace the inherent imperfections of existence. In a world that often values conformity and uniformity, Chesters celebrates the uniqueness and complexity found within the cracks and crevices of life.

Viewers are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences of beauty and breakdown, finding solace in the knowledge that even in moments of chaos, there is beauty to be found.

Through her art, Chesters strives to evoke a sense of wonder and reverence for the inherent beauty that surrounds us, even in the most unlikely of places. Viewers are invited to join Chesters on this journey of exploration and discovery as she celebrates the transformative power of beauty in breakdown.

CATHERINE CHESTERS, born in County Durham, England, is a graphic artist based in Narrowsburg, New York. With a background including a BH Honors from the University of the Arts, London, and studies in design communications and graphic design, Catherine’s work is influenced by her upbringing in the North East of England and her two decades of living in New York. Notable achievements include receiving 3 British D&AD Silver Awards, 2 PROMAX BDA Awards, and 2 Art Directors Club Awards. Catherine’s art combines observations of nature with imagination to create escapist imagery, reflecting both rural surroundings and urban influences, characterized by a surreal visual style and a sense of naive optimism. She employs techniques of screen printing and cultural communication to masterfully convey her vision through graphic communication.

  • Date: May 04, 2024 - Jun 09, 2024
  • Location:Loft Gallery
  • Curators:DVAA

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