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Christi Johnson

Raised in tropical Florida, Christi studied Fashion Design at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. In the high-end fashion industry in Los Angeles, Christi gained experience working with “Made-in-LA” garments and also the mass marketed garments manufactured overseas. Five years ago, she took an artist residency at Textile Arts Center in NYC and founded Mixed Color in the Catskills.

This episode features textile artist Christi Johnson working from her Mixed Color studio in Swan Lake, NY.  

Join us as we follow the artist’s creative process step by step in making the tapestry, “Essence-tials”, using up-cycled materials from start to finish. Johnson’s technique of mixing machine appliqué and hand embroidery is a visual delight accompanied by a quiet musicality; the cadence of a sewing machine, metrical tugs from hand stitched threads. The artist conversation afterwards is an opportunity to get to know the artist, hear her story, learn about the work, and celebrate expression.

“Through creating with textiles, our most intimate of personal belongings, we may begin to recognize the power we have to make what we want to see in our lives.” – Christi Johnson

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